Crowdfund Montana, Gitcoin Grant, and Network Expansion Plans

PNW Rural Broadband
5 min readNov 30, 2021

As we approach the end of the year we’d like to update everyone on everything we’ve been working on at the Pacific Northwest Rural Broadband Alliance and what to expect from us in 2022:

Crowdfund Montana

Our investor campaign on the new Crowdfund Montana is entering it’s final 30 days, which means the window is rapidly closing for individuals to have an opportunity to directly invest in our organization as we work to bring broadband to rural communities.

For those new to the concept of investment crowdfunding, it allows anyone to invest their money directly into local businesses, through which you earn a return on your investment, and can put your money to work directly for a business that is working to improve your community and the local economy.

In our case investing in our campaign will allow us to rapidly accelerate the build-out of our flagship network, the Missoula Valley Internet Co-op, so that we can deliver community powered fast and affordable broadband to those 15,000 households inside Missoula county that currently lack a broadband connection, and those looking for a local-alternative from the national incumbent ISP’s that most Montanan’s are stuck with. Funding we raise above our minimum goal will allow us to expand our service to other communities across Montana, start an endowment fund to subsidize connecting low income households, and fund other important projects and initiatives that will help build infrastructure that will carry Montana into the future.

This is a particularly great investment opportunity because it allows for individuals at any level of investment to build a direct relationship with our organization, and directly participate in the spirit of community ownership that our organization aims to foster.

Gitcoin Grant



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