Missoula Valley Internet Co-op — Community Call 01/30/2021

PNW Rural Broadband
2 min readJan 31, 2021

Recently we put on a community call for The Missoula Valley Internet Co-op where we discussed a number of topics around the launching of our flagship network. On this call we covered:

— The launch of our network in early December, 2020. What the process was like, and what the reception has been so far.

— We were joined by a guest speaker who discussed his impressions of our service as one of our first customers.

— What our expansion plans look like, when we will be reaching the various areas across the Missoula and Bitterroot valley’s, and who is prioritized to get service.

— We discussed the value, importance, and role that the community plays in the success of this community owned and operated network, and how people can become more involved in our organization by serving as a “community ambassador” to educate their friends and neighbors on how we differ from traditional broadband providers.

— Our larger plans for 2021, including the launch of The Lake County Internet Co-op (in Montana), The Anderson Island Internet Co-op (in Washington), and the deployment of a public Wi-fi network around Missoula.

If you’d like to watch this community call head on over to YouTube and give it a watch!


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