The Missoula Valley Internet Co-op

Network Launch Fundraiser for The Missoula Valley Internet Co-op

Since the moment we launched our customer pre-registration campaign to gauge interest in a community owned and operated broadband service for Missoula and the surrounding communities we have received an overwhelmingly positive response. So far we have accumulated 261 pre-registrations, with more signing up every day.

Through our planning phase, studying which areas are most lacking adequate broadband service, we have received countless calls and messages from people telling us of their frustration with their lack of options or the inadequacy of their current provider, voicing a strong desire for a better, faster, more affordable local broadband provider.

With the second wave of COVID upon us, effecting Montanan’s life in increasingly more serious ways, the true cost of the “digital divide” is being felt on many personal and economic levels. From the need for online learning, the ability to work from home, access to tele-health services, and businesses needs to conduct their operations online the demand for our service has grown, as so many in our community have an unprecedentedly urgent need for better access to faster and affordable broadband.

This is why, as we have everything in place to begin connecting customers, we are making a call out to the community for one last round of charitable donations that will help facilitate our ability to quickly and efficiently connect the many homes and businesses that need it the most.

While times are tough for everyone, if you are in a position to help please follow this link to make your charitable donation.

Major contributors are eligible for advertisement on our digital and physically distributed materials. For more information please contact us directly.

phone: 1 (406) 304–7010