The Missoula Valley Internet Co-op is Live!

After months of meticulous planning and many long hard hours put in by everyone on our team we are happy to announce The Missoula Valley Internet Co-op is live!

Our first batch of customers are connected in the Grant Creek area, happily browsing the internet, streaming NetFlix, and enjoying on-line gaming at blazing speeds exceeding 200mb/s on a fully secure network!

From the point when we first launched our pre-registration campaign we received an overwhelming response of people across the Missoula and Bitterroot valley’s. We’ve heard from residents in areas that lack adequate service to accomplish the things they need the internet for: working from home, getting their children access to remote learning, accessing tele-medicine services. We’ve heard from customers unhappy with the continual rate hikes from corporate ISP’s like Spectrum and Century Link. We’ve heard from people’s dissatisfaction with inadequate customer support, sitting on the phone for hours talking to off-shore call centers, or having to wait for weeks for a field technician to repair their faulty modems.

Here at the Missoula Valley Internet Co-op we’re here to answer all of the complaints that people have with their incumbent internet provider, offer a community based, community powered, fast, affordable, and secure broadband alternative. Our organization is staffed by local technicians, support representatives, providing 24x7 customer support, and always at the ready to help customers with any issues that they run in to.

But our work has only just begun!

While we are starting to work hard to connect the Grant Creek residents who currently lack adequate service, we will be working hard to expand our service area as fast as possible. From as far west as Huson, to as far east as Turah, north to upper Grant Creek and the Rattlesnake, to as far south as Hamilton (and everywhere in between!) we will be working hard to bring high quality service to the residents that need it the most.

And we won’t be stopping there!

Our larger non-profit organization, The Pacific NW Rural Broadband Alliance, is already engaged with counties across Montana to expand our service across the state, as well as networks ready to launch in Washington state.

Over the coming years it is our goal to be a strong regional provider of broadband to rural areas that struggle with slow and outdated internet connections, to help connect even the smallest communities with modern broadband service.

Make sure to follow us for more updates!

We are The Pacific Northwest Rural Broadband Alliance, a non-profit foundation dedicated to building fast, affordable, community powered broadband networks.

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