The Pacific NW Rural Broadband Alliance Joins the EFA!

PNW Rural Broadband
4 min readApr 27, 2021
The Electronic Frontier Alliance

Standing up for Digital Rights:

From day one in establishing the core values of our organization we have considered digital rights, personal privacy, and universal equal access to the internet to be among our fundamental core values. These values are important to us because they are core to what the internet has always meant to be about. A global network that facilitates universal access to information and free communication.

It’s with these values that we hold key to our organizations mission that we have a big announcement: starting as of today the Pacific Northwest Rural Broadband Alliance has officially joined the Electronic Frontier Alliance!

The Electronic Frontier Alliance (aka EFA) is a group of organizations that are ideologically aligned with the core organization, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (aka EFF). The EFF is an international non-profit organization, based in San Francisco, that was founded to promote civil liberties on the internet. Their organization works for the preservation of personal freedoms, monitors and challenges potential legislation that would infringe upon personal liberties, advocates against the use of mass surveillance, and stands for the fair use of and access to technology for the betterment of the individual.

These are all core tenants of what the internet was intended to be, in the intentions of it’s founding researchers and technologists, but is also something that has come under threat in many ways, and in many country’s around the world.

It is due to these threats to free speech and civil liberties, and the perversion of technology to be used my malicious parties, dictatorial regimes, or any government action that threatens on-line civil liberties that requires the an alliance of organizations, ideologically aligned with the mission of the EFF, to fight for a free and fair internet that everyone has equal access to.

Key ways in which our organization works towards the goals and ends that the EFA fights for:

Closing the digital divide:



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