The Power of Pay-per-Forward: Leaving Flat Fee Service Plans Behind

The Current State of ISP Pricing Models

There’s an uncomfortable truth everyone suspects and knows in one form or another but your ISP doesn’t want you to know about: they’re cheating you. They’re selling you a service plan that you are never actually receiving or using. They sell you internet that you select from a series of service plans based on “speed tiers.”

What Is “Pay-per-Forward”?

At the Pacific NW Rural Broadband Alliance we are building broadband networks that function very differently than traditional ISP’s on a number of different levels. While we could talk about all the revolutionary technical components that go into these networks, and how the Althea technology platform allows us to build these networks quickly, efficiently, and reach areas that most ISP’s cant. But as the customer there’s one thing that people really care about: how much does your service cost?

Determining the Price of Bandwidth:

As a provider, we use several factors into account to arrive at a fair and affordable price:

So What’s the Real Advantage?

Here’s where the primary advantage comes in: say you’re just a single person household with minimal internet usage habits? Those customers only end up paying more around $25-$30 per month. Or say you go on vacation and aren’t at home to use your connection? In this situation you’re not paying for what you’re not using. Maybe it’s winter in Montana, it’s nothing but ice and snow outside, so you decide to binge watch all 8 seasons of Game of Thrones. You might end up paying a bit more. But the next month Summer rolls around and you’re busy floating the river rather than laying on the couch continually having to reassure Netflix “yes I’m still watching season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy.”

Ok… But How Much Is MY Bill Going to Be?

Of course people still want to know more details around exactly what their service is going to cost them, and unless you’re a more highly technical user you probably have no idea how much bandwidth you use. Maybe you are “above average” with regular marathon netflix sessions, or have a couple of teenagers that are aspiring YouTube channel stars, always downloading the latest Grand Theft Auto DLC of the week, and constantly glued to their phone or tablet for one reason or another.

Putting the Power Back in the Customers Hands

Most notably, where traditional ISP’s strategy is to have you locked in a constant cycle of negotiating and re-negotiating their newest rate plan and speed tiers in order to get the “best service” at the “best cost,” we make things easy on you. We put the power of the service you receive in your hands.

We are The Pacific Northwest Rural Broadband Alliance, a non-profit foundation dedicated to building fast, affordable, community powered broadband networks.

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